A Boatload of Questions From My Japanese Students

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Ah Friday lunch with the kids…it’s soooo funny. So I walk into class today, and the kids are all excited saying “Donaldo Sensei koko…koko…koko.” In other words, “Donald sit here!” Of course I can only sit in one place so as with most important things in life, it was decided by Janken, じゃんけん, (rock, scissors, paper in English). One of the girls won the janken series today and I got to sit with a table full of elementary school girls. In general (at lunch time anyway) I find the girls to be more willing to talk and ask questions than the boys. So what kinds of things would a third grader ask me?:

The most common question I get from elementary school girls is “Are you married?” (けっこんしますか?) When I tell them no, they always follow up with Sukina hito? (すきなひと?) Short for “Sukina hito ga imasu ka? Is there a person you like. I always tell them yes and then turn the question around and ask them. They always respond with a “no” that almost seems like an “of course not.” Other fascinating questions that I’ve gotten are: “Do you like jet coasters (roller coasters)?” (I love them) “What’s your favorite anime?” (Naruto) “Where do you live?”(Tsukuba) “Do you like toilets (I kid you not…and I was like “Ummm…they’re okay…”)” “What’s your least favorite food?” (Liver or uni) “What’s your favorite food?” (pizza) “Jibun ga ski? Do you like yourself” (In my head I’m thinking what is this, psychology class…but I answered yes). Some time when I walk into a classroom, kids will reach up and say あたま? Which means head. Can I touch your head? I’m pretty cool about it, so every now and again I say okay.

The kids are SO inquisitive. It’s really cute, though.

In addition to the questions something interesting always happens at lunch. For example I thought I was being stylish by wearing my all white tie. Some of the staff members thought it was cool and original:

My best "Blue Steel" Impression. Did you ever see Zoolander? Funny stuff 🙂

The kids immediately took notice of my all white tie, and one of the girls said “Magician mitai,” “You look like a magician. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Of course she didn’t say it to be insulting, but I really found it funny for some reason. Another kid held up a picture of a cartoon bear wearing a suit, pointed to it and said “Donaldo Sensei!” Sigh…this little girl thinks I’m a bear…sigh.

Classes are funny and fun.

See you tomorrow,


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  • Nanami says:

    *giggles* That’s adorable! Your class sounds so cute. I look forward to hearing more about them. I have a phone interview with Interac coming up soon.. I am so nervous! Hopefully I get an awesome class as well if I make the cut. I love hearing about your experiences.

    By the way, love the Blue Steel pic.

  • Donald Ash says:

    A phone interview, ne? Don’t worry…you’ll be fine. I’m rooting for you, Nanami!

    Was it Magnum or Blue Steel that was the strongest. I mean of course Zoolander only had “one look.” But I forget. LOL

  • Nanami says:

    I don’t remember which was the strongest because it’s been so long! I’ll have to rent it again. I was thinking about this movie just a few days ago actually. It’s funny that you posted this picture. I’m a little nervous about everything but I have some very supportive friends… Hopefully everything goes well! Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll keep you posted.

  • Roger Starkey says:

    The white tie is usually only worn at weddings, which they’re not old enough to have been to yet, or by magicians. Be thankful that they’re not asking you even more personal questions…I was asked “are you wearing boxers or briefs” by two girls. Or the eternal “do you like making babies” that JHS boys ask…oh and on that topic, I think “do you like yourself” sometimes can mean liking yourself with a little lotion.

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