A 7.1 Earthquake Riding the Train Home from Work!

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While riding home from work today, there was a 7.1 that hit north of here (how far, I’m not sure). I don’t know all the details. All I know is that really shook me up. The other day when I wrote the post about my crazy thoughts. I talked about how the possibility of this very thing happening was a concern for me. I was powerless to do anything. I was riding, relaxing, and sat up a bit when I heard one junior high kid’s earthquake warning signal go off on his phone. A string of other phones started to make the same sound. I had hear the sound before in the movie theater, but it wasn’t a really big quake. This time, we pulled to a stop at Bampaku Kinen Koen and the shaking got pretty heavy. I had my bookbag on ready to do something, but there was nothing I could do but wait…the train was stopped and the doors were closed. I don’t feel very safe being on a train during an earthquake of any magnitude, but 7.1…that worries me.

Take care out there,

Donald Ash

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  • Ceci

    Looks like the ride is going to continue for a while longer. Fun, fun! NOT! The infrastructure in Japan must be awesome to withstand that much shaking and still have functional trains etc. Good luck and stay safe. Oh, I’ve really enjoyed your posts about your new class and students. I’m forwarding them to some coworkers who are enjoying them too. Your blog is probably going to get a few new readers. 🙂

    • Donald Ash

      THANK YOU, CECI! You are the best!! I really appreciate you telling other people about the blog. I hope they enjoy reading it.

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