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Ultimate TransferWise Video Review

By Donald Ash | Articles

ULTIMATE TRANSFERWISE VIDEO REVIEW  TRANSCRIPT TRANSFERWISE VIDEO REVIEW – INTROAre you frustrated with sending money home from Japan?Rick: NOooooooHhooohoMorty: (crying hysterically)Well, there is a fix for that. Today, let’s take a look at it. A very useful money remittance service called TransferWise. In today’s review, let’s completely pick TransferWise apart. We’ll talk about what it […]

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Why Does Japan Get Movies So Late?!?

By Donnie | Articles

Hey everybody, I’m SO excited today because I’m headed to the movies to check out one of the new releases from home. What movie is it…drumroll please…tatatata tatatata tatatata tatatata (that’s the sound of the drums) CAPTAIN AMERICA!! Huh? When did it come out in America? In July?!? Jesus Herman Christ*. It still behooves me […]

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