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By Donnie

I truly appreciate your interest in sponsoring blog. Why advertise here? If your focus is centered on teaching in Japan, traveling in Japan and/or Asia, if you’re interested in providing Japanese language assistance/services, have Japanese food or Asian dining-related ads, and the like, sponsoring this blog is the perfect content fit for you. The […]

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Have You Ever Played Shiritori?

By Donald Ash | Articles

Shiritori (しりとり(しり取り)), or the Japanese word-chain game, is a wonderful way to get those Japanese vocabulary juices flowing. This going to be a short post just to explain the rules of the game, and then we’ll actually play together! How to Play Shiritori Get at least one other person, because I don’t want you to […]

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By Donald Ash

TheJapanGuy Home About Blog Start Here Join Japanese Mavericks Reviews You Can Trust. Japanese That Sticks.Japanese has the built-in stigma of being a difficult language to learn.  Even with all of its moving parts, why can’t learning Japanese be interesting & fun? Enter your email to get your free guide “Find the Meaning of Any Kanji” and […]

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25 Japanese Emotions

By Donnie | Articles

(updating…) Being able to express your emotions is an important skill in any language. Emotions are a big part of human expression and can even be quite important in communicating effectively. If I’m happy, it comes through in my body language, my facial expressions, my tone of voice, etc. The same thing happens if I’m […]

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