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The 10,000 Hours Approach to Japanese

By Donnie | Articles

Visiting forums about the Japanese language, or any language for that matter, can provide some great insight into people’s presumptions about learning languages. There is always one common tiff as to whether an adult who starts learning English can ever truly be fluent. There is that age-old adage you have to start learning a language […]

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Cartoon Crushes

By Donnie | Japanese Anime

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT I wanna tell you about this girl that I used to do date. When I was little younger. I’m not old now. I’m still young, but when I younger…there was this girl I used to date. And…Wow, what can I say about her? She was everything I wanted in a girl. She was […]

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21 Warning Signs That You Are an Otaku

By Donald Ash | Anime Corner

Ever heard the term otaku before? An English student of mine once explained that オタク translates to mean mania or enthusiast, and later became associated with those endaring expressions “geek” or “nerd.” You probably know the traditional nerd stereotype already: the glasses-wearing, fashion-aloof, pocket-protector wearing, Mark Zuckerberg-ish (sorry, Mark), man or woman who keeps to […]

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