100 Useful Phrases For Your First Visit to Japan (Part 2: #21-40)

By Donald Ash | Japanese Language Basics


Let’s continue with more useful phrases.  In part 1 of this article we looked at some useful greetings and polite Japanese expressions as well as phrases that we can use for small talk.  Today we will take a look at some general Japanese expressions and some expressions relating to time:


  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. American, Foreigner, Japanese Person
  4. Do you understand English
  5. I don’t understand Japanese
  6. Please wait
  7. Entrance
  8. Exit
  9. Japanese, English


  1. What time is it? Nanji desu ka?
  2. It’s …o’clock. With this phrase, it’s nice to have a grasp of Japanese numbers
  3. Days of the week
  4. Yesterday
  5. Today
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Last Week
  8. This week
  9. Next week
  10. The day after tomorrow
  11. This month

Next month

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