100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know (Part 5)

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Okay, this is it! Here are numbers 81-100 of the “100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know” series. I hope you have enjoyed learning these verbs as much as I’ve enjoyed providing them. If you can quickly and easily recall these verbs, it’ll be the start of a strong Japanese foundation. Please be sure to review Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and this final component of the series. Here we go!

81. Suwaru- すわる 座る- To sit
82. Tatsu- たつ 立つ- To stand
83. Kenkasuru- けんかする 喧嘩する- To fight/ To quarrel
84. Tetsudau- てつだう 手伝う- To help
85. Kimeru- きめる 決める- To decide
86. Machigau- まちがう 間違う- To make a mistake
87. Denwawokakeru- でんわをかえる 電話をかける- To make a phone call
88. Tsukuru- つくる 作る- To make
89. Tsukau- つかう 使う- To use
90. Warau- わらう 笑う- To laugh
91. Naku- なく 泣く- To cry
92. Motsu- もつ 持つ- To carry
93. Otosu- おとす おとす- To drop
94. Jirojiromiru- じろじろみる じろじろ見る- To stare
95. Odoru- おどる 踊る- To dance
96. Utau- うたう 歌う- To sing
97. Renshusuru- れんしゅうする 練習する- To practice
98. Noboru- のぼる 上る- To climb/To ascend
99. Oriru- おりる 降りる- To descend/To go down
100. Ryorisuru- りょうする 料理する- To cook

Please remember to review and review often. It costs you nothing, right? So please take full advantage of this blog, and feel free to leave comments and questions.

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    I love your list but on number 87: to make a phone call on the kana you wrote でんわをかえる not でんわをかける。 Just thought I would let you know (*^_^*)

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