100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know (Part 2)

By Donald Ash | Educational Articles & Videos

Let’s continue our list of 100 Japanese verbs you should know. I wanted to break this list down into manageable pieces, so if you haven’t read Part 1 of this article, please do so. I hope you find these verbs useful. In a later article series I will delve into the basics of how to use them. Okay, so now for today’s list:

The verbs include the Romaji, hiragana, kanji, and English meanings

21. Sanposuru- さんぽする 散歩する- To walk
22. Hashiru- はしる 走る- To run
23. Tobiagaru- とびあがる 飛び上がる- To jump
24. Oyogu- およぐ 泳ぐ- To swim
25. Choyaku- ちょうやく 跳躍- To skip
26. Undosuru- うんどうする 運動する- To exercise
27. Futoru- ふとる 太る- To gain weight
28. Yaseru- やせる 痩せる- To lose weight
29. Tsukareru- つかれる 疲れる- To get tired
30. Onakagasuku-おなかがすく お腹がすく- To be hungry
31. Nodogakawaku- のどがかわく 喉が渇く- To be thirsty
32. Ofuronihairu- おふろにはいる お風呂に入る- To take a bath
33. Sojisuru- そうじする 掃除する- To clean
34. Arau- あらう 洗う- To wash
35. Sentakusuru- せんたくする 洗濯する- To do laundry
36. Kiru- きる 着る- To put on clothes (above your waist)
37. Haku- はく- To put on clothes (below your waist)
38. Megane wo kakeru- めがねをかける 眼鏡を掛ける- To put on glasses
39. Tsukeru- つける- To turn on
40. Kesu- けす 消す- To turn off power/ to erase

I hope these serve you well.

Donald Ash


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    Totemo onakagasuku! My favorite daily expression. Thanks for the list!

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