• jaison smith

    All I have to say is kevin bacon was hated also in the movie white water summer.. if u haven’t seen it go do so.. a for x-man I loved it.. it gave me some clarification on some things and my liking for xavier and magneto and what they stood for was 50/50 now its more like 60/40 magneto… he only wanted what was right for mutants seeing as tho humans used them to fight their battles then turn on them when no longer needed… if u just now seeing this don’t tell me u have to wait a month or so to see transformers 3 (please see it in imax 3d)

  • X-Men: FC has gotten some undue harsh reviews. I for one loved it. I particularly enjoyed the guy playing a young Charles Xavier. That is no small shoe to fill as a would-be young Patrick Stewart.

    They also did a really good job tying in the style and events of the 1960s.

    I loved where they tried to recruit Logan (Wolverine). >_<

  • Marisa

    I really liked it. We went to see it a few weeks ago. We’re going to see Thor this weekend. I’d ask if you wanted to come but I know you’re busy this weekend. I think next week is Harry Potter. And Transformers doesn’t come out here until the 27th our sometime around then.

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