Wow, That Was Fast! (A Special Japanese Job Interview Update)

I had my first Japanese job interview of the hiring season on December 6th, 2007 and received an email on December 7th saying that Heart English School would like to make an offer:

“We would provisionally like to offer you a position for April, 2011. Please read over the “General ALT Contract” as attached and go through the “Agreement of Contract Principles” which is also attached. Should you have any questions regarding the contract, please let us know. When you agree, please fill out and return the “Agreement of Contract Principles” by email (…) or FAX as soon as possible. Then we would officially like to offer you a position upon a confirmation from our client city.”

I was so happy to hear it. I’m going to read over all of the information this weekend and send it back to them as soon as humanly possible. I think that by doing so, it will allow them to potentially find job placement in or near Tsukuba. I just hope this is the first of many great, potential job offers to come down the pipeline.

Donald Ash

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  • pikei

    Whatever happened to this offer by Heart? Just curious as I’m trying to review my options as ALT also. Thanks!

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