Who the Freak is Bobby Ologun?!?

ボビー!ボビ-!ボビーオログン! From the very 1st day working at a Shogakko, my children would always call me Bobby. Day after day after day I would hear “Bobby!” When I enter a classroom or walk down the hallway. For my first two weeks I was confused. “Why are these kids calling me Bobby?” “Are they having trouble pronouncing my name?” Nope, that wasn’t it. I asked one of my teachers using my bad Japanese. The teacher told me that it may be Bobby Ologun that they’re referring to. I did some online research. I found out the Bobby Ologun is a wide-eyed, Nigerian-born TV celebrity who also does mixed martial arts. I had never hear of him before, but as soon as I looked up the picture, I instantly recognized him. I mean, how many Nigerian, Japanese celebrities are on TV? My guess is not too many.

The reason I bring this up is because I went to Saturday Interac training and met a guy named Caven. We talked for a bit and he asked me if any of my kids call me Bobby. I thought I was the only one, but no. I’m pretty sure many male ALTs with any kind of African roots (Nigeran, Sudanese, African-American, etc.) must encounter the same thing. I guess in the kids eyes, I must look like Bobby Ologun. But I truly don’t think so.

Here is my photo:

Here is Bobby Ologun’s photo:

Here we are, side by side:

Do you see a resemblance? With the exception of being tall (we’re almost the same height and weight) and having darker skin (our skin complexions are different, too), I don’t.

I’m starting to become accustomed to this whole being called Bobby thing everyday, but it’s no problem. If being Bobby makes teaching easier, or makes the kids focus, or keeps the kids engaged….Bobby Ologun it is.

See you tomorrow, everybody

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  • mmm.. -tilts head- I don’t see it. You aren’t even in the same end of the darker skin tone ranges. However, I agree with you that if it helps.. It helps.

  • Roger Starkey

    Have you seen any of his K-1 fights?

    • Donald Ash

      I’ve seen him fight Royce Grace and Bob Sapp.

  • Roger Starkey

    That’s enough said. Any man who would go into the ring against Grace is enough of a fighter. The thing was, he had just appeared on TV a few months before jumping into K-1, which really surprised me when he got KO’d by Sapp.

    • Donald Ash

      Yeah, I wouldn’t want to go against any of the Gracies. I was a little surprised that Bobby was able to last so long against Royce. Royce is a legend and all, but he’s not as effective as he used to be. The Sapp KO was a bit surprising for me, too.

  • Anonymous

    Just as some westerners see all japanese as looking the same, the opposite occurs to japanese.

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