• CluelessTraveler

    Will the gate only show insufficient funds when you exit the station? When you enter how would it know as I thought the card worked by recording you entering a station, then exiting a station and calculating your fare upon exiting? Thanks

    • Donald Ash

      Cool name, Clueless Traveler.

      The card will signal whether you’re entering or exitign the station. If you don’t have enough money on your card to make a trip, the touch panel will “bing bong” you. It will also show you what your balance is so you’ll know exactly how much you’re working with. I think the card works just how you’re saying it does, it does calculate the entering and exiting station, but if you go further than what you balance will allow, you get that signal. Great question.

    • thejapanguy

      I don’t know why I have never seen this question. It’s a good one.
      You will get the insufficient funds “bing bong” whenever your funds are insufficient, entering or exiting the ticket gate.
      Thanks for your question.

  • afiqah

    So what is exactly the different between those two cards?

    • christopherjacques

      Basically the same. They started out as competitors but realize it just works better when they play along.

  • Lessa Traboco

    I accidentally stumbled on your website while doing research for my trip to tokyo this may. Ive been to japan before, but only at the kansai area. Very helpful. :) thanks!

  • happyzippy

    Really clear detailed instructions on how to a Pasmo/Suica card. The video was definitely helpful. Thanks

  • Qwerty

    I put my suica card in my phone case so i can use it more conveniently and it doesnt read my suica card, i had to take it out to be able to read my card. :(

    • christopherjacques

      Things like phones, sim cards, other IC cards can interfere. I’ve found putting a blank plastic “point card” in between, with the suica at the outer edge, seems to help.

  • Peter Harper

    Are there any area limits to the use of each card, or can they be used all over Japan. e.g. Suica is issued by JR East is it limited to JR East territory. I will be travelling as far north as Sendai and as far south as Tanegashima.

    • christopherjacques

      You can usually use them anywhere IC cards are accepted, but there are many places where IC cards are not accepted at all. Just look for the touch pads.

      • Peter Harper

        It did work most of the time when I used public transport, however it was not accepted when I tried to use it on the Sendai local train network. Not sure if there are other situations like that it would apply to. My trip to Japan was over a year ago now.

  • mye

    Is the machine only accepts cash? Will you be able to use credit card to purchase/charge a suica/passmo?

    • christopherjacques

      Only cash. You have to have a japanese credit card and set up a whole recurring charge thing if you really want to use a credit card.

  • Bje

    Can 2 people share one pasmo? Can the excess money in the Pasmo be refunded at the end of the trip?
    I have been contemplating whether to get Pasmo or the JR pass. I really cant decide.. Arriving in Kansai airport, and staying near Osaka Namba station. Visiting Kyoto, Nara, Kobe (for the kobe beef) and possibly Nagoya. Pls give your thoughts on this.Tnx!! btw, video was informative!

    • christopherjacques

      You can, though the station attendants would probably get suspicious. You really don’t need to since you do get all your money refunded at the end of the trip, including the 500yen card fee, as long as you return the card in working condition. I would recommend just getting two cards, and saving a little extra time and grief not leaning over the gate handing it to someone else.

  • christopherjacques

    An update, JR East (at least) has added a 500 yen option. You can even put in 1000 yen, hit the 500 yen button and get a 500 yen coin as change.

  • steve read

    Can a Suica card be recharged in Saporro?

  • solidsnack

    If I have a Suica card and a Pasmo card in the same wallet and touch the wallet to the sensor, it’s bad, I bet.

  • Er

    How do you use the SUICA card on a bus? I scanned it on the way onto the bus, but on the way off there was no scanner at the rear door. I had to push through angry people getting on at the front door to scan it before getting off the bus. It didn’t feel right. But how else do you scan the card before getting off? Or don’t you? But then how does it know how much to deduct from the card when you get on? I’m confused.

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