Update: ALT Job Training is Canceled

Scratch that. I just got a phone call this evening telling me that my training will be postponed for the next thirteen days. Given the current circumstances, I completely understand. So I guess it means I go from training on the 29th, 30th, and 31st, to live teaching on April 1st. Talk about a quick turn around. I know it’s something that’s out of my control, and out of Interac’s control, as well. The only thing I can do is roll with it.

I’m gonna try to take this time to regroup and get my mind right. It’s just been a whirlwind of events, and I feel a bit more skittish than usual. I haven’t been exercising or eating right lately (the eating part is due in part to the earthquake, but that’s no excuse), so I’m going to bust out the old futon I don’t use, stretch, bust out some pushups and situps, cook up some healthy food (while I still have electricity), do some much needed blog updates, and some much needed studying. It’s going to be like a Rocky Training Montage only there’s some heavier reading involved, and no punches to the face, oh and no Rocky, and no Apollo Creed, and no…ah, you get the point, lol.

Donald Ash

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  • Yeah…I think most of the teacher’s jumped ship after the quake. I wonder how eikaiwa are holding up. I heard a few schools were hiring (prob b/c teacher ran away, bk home)……. so that’s why they are having a hard time planning the training! No one left to train?! But I really hand it to you for sticking in there – you deserve a really good employer. I hope they treat you as well as you have already treated them by staying in Japan.

    ALT positions will likely be secure. But I am curious to find out how Eikaiwa is doing after the quake. Yikes……

  • Hello,

    Sorry to bother you, but I would like to know if you have any programs similar with this free job training program in Japan, because I will travel in your country next year, and I would be interested in joining such a program while I’m there (to kill my free time).


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