The Tsukuba Kyokushin Dojo on NHK

つくばどうじょうの中野かれんさん (Tsukuba Dojo's Karen Nakano) December 2010

So, I was browsing my karate school’s blog. I didn’t realize they had one until recently. I didn’t spend much time on the Kyokushin website because it’s so chock full of kanji. However, I decided to brave the main Kyokushin site, and after doing so, I found the Joso blog (one of the cities where my school’s chief instructor teaches). Apparently, they’ve been doing this blog for several years now and Kamoshida San is one of the people in charge of it. Kamoshida Shihan is the Kyokushin instructor who oversees the Ibaraki area schools, and from what I understand, he was pretty incredible in his heyday. I think he’s in his late fifties now, but he still teaches some amazing classes, and he’s developing the talents of some really strong fighters.

Anyway, I was looking around on the blog and found out that NHK* came to the Tsukuba dojo and did a small segment on a young lady named Nakano Karen, 仲野かれん, a sixth-grader and champion from the school. Her technique looked really smooth on camera and I realize there are a lot of kids with a great karate foundation at that school. The man who strikes the drum at the beginning is Kato Sensei, and he’s the one the drove me to my first Kyokushin tournament (he’s a cool guy…and EXTREMELY funny). Kamoshida Shihan is the man doing bag drills with Nakano San.

Seeing the school doing positive things on Japanese national television makes me really happy to be a part of the school. Sometimes you see classes on the news and the decorum, conditions, etc. have been fabricated just for TV. The program gives a pretty good idea of what real classes are like at the Kyokushin Dojo, minus the drum (sorry Kato Sensei). I truly hope I can earn my black belt while I’m here.

Oh no! Does this mean I’m leaning towards doing the Cold Water training? Donald’s Inner voice: “No, it just means you saw a cool Kyokushin video…don’t panic…”

*If you’re not familiar with NHK, it stands for Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Organization) and is one of Japan’s largest television stations.

Check it out the video (it’s not the greatest quality, though):

Donald Ash

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