• Ronnie

    I have a 1000 what is it worth in American dollars?

    • Bruno


  • Trowlz

    I have a quick question, i’ll be going to japan soon and am looking into passport wallets? Do you have any you suggest? I hear if i’m teaching English i’ll need my passport with me all of the time, also reading this i’m guessing i’ll be using a lot of coins over bills for the day to day, do you suggest getting a wallet or coin purse, etc?

  • eurofederal

    When I was in Japan last year I was handed a ¥ 2000 note and I kept it:) It looks different. I think that it would be Wise to have a ¥ 500 note since the smallest note is ¥ 1000 which is roughly $10 or € 9,-….Life in Japan is not cheap but very similar to the USA or the EU.

  • donna murphy

    I have a 5000 yen bill. What is it worth in American money? The letters and numbers are FG112899M There is a mam with glasses on the front and a smaller is on the back. The back, there are two words up at the top, NIPPON GINKO. Thank you.

    • Riley

      5000 yen is currently around $50 US

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