• Nanami

    Donald ; ; your grilled fish looks really good. Can I come over? -tummy rumblers-

    • Donald Ash

      Of course you can, Nanami-chan. Unfortunately, I don’t think it tastes as good as you might think.

      • Nanami

        We’re both southern, when our powers combine.. we can make anything taste good!

  • Diann Phillips Ash

    Hi Donald,
    Thank you for the great article on American vs. Japanese breakfast. I have four alltime favorites:
    1. Occassionally–Scrambled Eggs, Creamy Grits, Oven-toasted Wheat Bread with Grape or Apple Jelly, Baccon/Sausage(Papa)and Hot Tea
    2. Occassionally—Homemade Buiscuits, Country Syrup, side of Grits, Scrambled Eggs and and Hot Tea
    3. Occassionally — Pancakes/Waffles, Ms. Butterworth Syrup, Bacon/Sausage 2% Milk
    4. Often—Steelcut Oatmeal/Old-fashion Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, milk, and butter, Wheat Toast and Tea

    Love and prayers,

    • Donald Ash

      How could I forget your biscuits, Mom! That’s another breakfast that I truly love! Not to mention your choices are making me SEVERELY hungry. I wish cooking was genetic, then I could cook food that doesn’t make me gag…ha ha ha
      Love You, Mommy! :D

      • amelia


  • Sean Patton

    I don’t have the best breakfast traditions, unfortunately. I skip it more often than I should, but when I do eat breakfast it’s usually a bowl of mini-wheats or a bagel, with some yogurt and a coffee.

    I would say my ideal breakfast is French toast dusted with icing sugar and drizzled with real Canadian maple syrup (not that mysterious “Pancake Syrup” so popular at Denny’s or IHOP), scrambled eggs a bit on the dry side, extra-lean bacon and a slice of watermelon or honeydew.

    I once had a traditional British breakfast consisting of 3 eggs, bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes, fried bread, baked beans and fried potatoes. When I finished, I was disappointed the meal didn’t also come with an ambulance, because I definitely felt like I needed one!

    Looking forward to a Japanese-style breakfast. I need to drop some pounds, and that’s going to be a big part of it.

    • Donald Ash

      LOL! Nice, Sean. I’m excited that you’re coming. The food here is pretty good, and pretty healthy. The vast majority of teachers I know lost weight in their first year here. You can do it :)

      • Sean Patton

        My problem right now is that I work in an office and spend all day seated, and then when I get home from my soul-crushing job I’m too grumpy to do anything constructive with my time. There’s also the home cooking I’ve been enjoying since I moved back here from Vancouver a year ago.

        When I first moved to Vancouver I lost 20lbs in two weeks just from walking hours every day and eating reduced portions. I can’t see how that won’t also happen in Tokyo, so I’m looking forward to getting back to a reasonable size. My goal is to lose 100lbs (fairly big guy right now), and I think I can do that in a year or two with a healthy lifestyle change.

        At some point when you’re in Tokyo and have a few free hours, I believe I owe you lunch in thanks for all the helpful articles you’ve written. I’d also enjoy hearing some of your stories of adjusting to life in Japan!

        - Sean

  • Roger Starkey

    Why is my breakfast almost always All Bran, drip coffee, and yogurt? Sometimes a spoon of peanut butter.

    I want to eat European breakfasts…get up around 10:00, double espresso, some bread…

    I got spoiled during the post-earthquake-period when I was up in Tohoku living out of a hotel. Too many real vegetables..


    omg! I took a holiday to Japan before, and I’d have to admit, Japanese is SO much better!

  • Wendy K

    I’ve just stumbled across your article by googling “Japanese breakfasts” as I love Japanese food and am fascinated by who eats what around the world! :-) When I pictured my ultimate breakfast, being from the UK, it would have to be a classic cooked one. Bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, mushrooms and toast. (No egg for me but this is usually with it too.) Only an occasional treat though as I usually have ‘boring’ toast or cereal!

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