The Bulk…er Hulk Returns

I wanted to post this really quick video because I friend of mine was actually able to record this for me (Thanks, Robert!). A while back I did a picture post of a Saigen Drama 再現ドラマ, or a reenactment, where I had to play Enrique dos Santos. Enrique is the Brazilian man gained quite a bit of notoriety for hulking out using submarine paint. Judging by how much of a hassle it was to get this normal body paint out of my skin, I can only imagine what dos Santos went through. Here is a look at me as the Bulk (black Hulk). I apologize in advance for the sound quality not being the greatest:

Donald Ash

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  • Nami

    That looks fun XD Tho’.. the voiceover.. XD

  • Joshua Shibata

    That is awesome Donald! Keep up the good work!

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