The Coolest Karaoke Room Ever!

A truly awesome karaoke room

Two weekends ago, about ten to twelve students invited all of the foreign English teachers to dinner at an izakaya, いざかや, which is kind of like a Japanese tavern/restaurant wrapped into one. I was the last teacher to arrive because I usually have karate practice on Saturday nights after work, but I definitely wanted to be there. I’ve never gone out with a large group of students and not enjoyed myself. I stayed at the izakaya with the students for about an hour, and then we all decided to go to karaoke afterwards, which is pretty customary for many of the big group outings. We went to the Rainbow Karaoke center, which is very close to my job, and simply had a blast.

I have been to Rainbow Karaoke before, and thought nothing of it. It’s just another fun, karaoke night, right? Well, yes, but with a little twist. There is this huge karaoke room on the right, as you walk into the center, and it seems like it’s always empty. I guess because of our group’s

The Student/Teacher Crew

size, we had a chance to finally use this room and I must say it was the most decked-out karaoke room I’ve ever seen. There was a stage at the front of the room, and stage’s reflective background would pick up these laser displays from the ceiling. There was an auto-disco-ball that would turn and spin electronically, karaoke displays on each wall, and these grand, long, red plush seats. It seemed like the room could comfortable seat about fifty people. I love that karaoke is such a big deal in Japan, because it makes for some great entertainment.

I don’t have a whole lot of rock-n-roll on my ipod, but it’s fun to hear at karaoke. Listening to one of my co-workers tipsily wail (sometimes on key, sometimes off…lol) out lyrics from Led

More Awesomeness

Zepplin’s Black Dog is always fun. Singing the Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is always fun, too. As for me, I enjoy the more mellow sounds of Stevie Wonder (I Just Called to Say I Love You, My Cherie Amour, etc.), Michael Jackson (Rock With You, Human Nature, The Girl is Mine, etc.), Marvin Gaye, etc.. I never thought I’d say it, but after having done so much karaoke, I’m not shy to sing in front of people, but rapping in front of people (unless I’m being assisted by Tribe Called Quest at Summer Sonic) makes me feel a bit self-conscious. One reason I never try hip-hop at these get-togethers is because here in Tsukuba, which is full or science researchers, rap/hip-hop just isn’t all that popular with the adult crowd…so it’s hard for them to get into it.

If you visit Japan, or if you’re here in Japan and haven’t tried…you should go to karaoke at least once (even if your singing sucks…we’ve all been there).

Donald Ash


The Electronic Disco Ball


Not Cool

Let's Do This!


Dancing it up!

Karaoke on the Main Stage

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