The Bus Ride from Tsukuba to Narita Airport

I had to go to the airport today, and instead of getting someone to drive me there, I decided to try my had at taking the Tsukuba bus terminal because I’d never done it on my own. I remember riding with my good friend, and fellow teacher, Robby to Handea Airport, but I had never take the ride to Narita.

I went into the bus terminal and the first thing I saw was a sign on the front desk that said you had to buy your tickets a day in advance…OUCH! But I had to try anyway. I let the attendant know that my flight was later today, and she didn’t even hassle me about it (I figured as much since I’d be traveling to the airport when most people were working). I scheduled the 12:40 pm bus and was able to get a ticket pretty easily. It ran me 2540 yen.

I waited at the number 8 area in the bus station hub. The Narita bus pulled up, and the bus driver got out, opened up the bus’s luggage compartments and began loading. The bus driver attached a ticket to m luggage and give me the stub to make it easier to keep track of (be sure hang on to these because you’ll need them later). After loading my suitcases, I walked the back of the bus and fell asleep during the bus ride because it had been such a long, full week.

If I’m not mistaken, I think the ride took about an hour and 40 minutes. I woke up just before getting to the Narita entrance. The bus pulled to a stop and a security guard got on the bus and checked everyone’s passports before they let the bus pass the checkpoint (I’m glad I remembered mine). The bus then stopped at terminal 2 to let of those passengers who would be flying from this terminal. I got off at Terminal 1 and followed the signs (in English and Japanese…there were other languages, too) to the bag check in. For those of you who worry about getting to and from the airport, worry no more, it is a lot easier than you might think. I know I’ve said this before, but if I can do it, you can do it.

Donald Ash

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