Over the weekend, I was able to check off something I’ve been wanting to do since I got to Japan. I went to the Tokyo Motor Show! I don’t know why I’ve never been, but I just never really paid attention to the dates. I probably would have missed it this time, too had I not been tipped off by one of the Japan Guy readers (thanks DL, you’re the best). I remember when I got ready to come to Japan, I tried to watch all of the Japanese-related movies that I could think of, thinking that it might in some way help me to prepare for life in Japan. The ones I remember watching were “The Last Samurai” “Lost in Translation” and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Though I must say it probably won’t make on any of my top lists for the best movies of all time, Tokyo Drift made the Japanese, underground car culture seem pretty cool. A few guys mentioned that they really wanted to go to the Tokyo Motor Show. I mentioned it before, but I’ve never been a huge car buff, probably never will be, but I will totally that the Tokyo Motor Show, could give the biggest anti-car person a change of heart. The show was everything I heard it was, and then some.

The 42nd annual Tokyo Motor Show took place at Tokyo Big Site at Kokusai-Teijijo Seimon station. The building’s futuristic look was almost foreshadowing some of the cool machinery housed within it’s walls.

THE PLACE WAS JAM PACKED! I know car companies have had their troubles in recent years, but they aren’t going anywhere, there are just too many people who are interested in. Initially I was a little put off by the big crowd, thinking I was going to have to weave my way through the people sea all afternoon. Yes it was crowded but not everywhere. Several makers accounted for the vast majority of the crowding. I’m sure you can probably think of the car makers that drew the biggest crowds. Audi, Mercedes, and BMW had to be the main culprits, but it’s understandable; those are the first places I went to as well.

If the motor show is any indicator of automobile trends to come, eco-minded men and women will be quite pleased. I was so impressed with how just about every maker at the show had new hybrids or electric cars on display. These aren’t the typical hybrids, either. There were touring hybrids, sports hybrids, hybrid coupes, the world’s first diesel hybrid…just all kinds of cool stuff. The electric cars seem to be gaining quite a bit of ground as well. When eco meets cool…It’s a beautiful thing indeed.

Truth be told, there was so much at this show, that I couldn’t quite get to everything. I really think going to the Tokyo Motor Show is a something that should be planned as a two-day event. Despite not seeing everything, I tried to catch some important stuff from various car makers. Some of the makers represented at the show include Mercedes, Volkwagen, Mayback, Suzuki, Honda, Renault, Peugot, Volvo, Fuso, Porsche, Jaguar, Mini, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Subaru, and Audi.

Let’s break this down by maker, so I don’t overload you. I really think you’ll like some of the cars. Hopefully you’ll be able to get an idea of just how amazing the motor show really was, even for a person who’s not really into cars (like me). In one of the later Tokyo Motor Show posts this week, I’ll show you the cars and vehicles that I enjoyed the most.

For you car buffs out there, I have to apologize in advance. Honestly I couldn’t tell you the difference between a sedan and a coupe. I don’t know really know how the number of cylinders of an engine has effects performance. Do you see where I’m going with this? Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the specs of these cars. I’m also not sure of the prices, but I’m pretty sure I can’t afford them (maybe some day). I was fine with just seeing how cool-looking the cars were.

That being said, let’s look at some of the cars from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.




More on the 42nd Annual Tokyo Motor Show tomorrow :D

See you then,

Donald Ash

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  • Aha.. Q-concept is cute. :P

    What an interesting variety of the concept cars. +_+ I wanna test drive.

  • DL

    Hey D.A.! Glad I was your calendar reminder for this event! When I went to the show in 2009 IT WAS AWESOME – but of course this is coming from a guy with oil in his veins (5-30w). I spent the entire day there, stopping only to order KFC from one of the food stands (no jokes about travelling 5000 miles to eat KFC please).

    Glad you had fun!

  • Hey why does the Audi Samurai Blue look like the “Atlanta Blue” from Georgia (USA)? By the way, I call the AC-X/”TRON”, nope, nope nope…mine! lol!

    • Donald Ash

      LOL! Silly dude. Love it!

  • Anthony

    The Honda EV-STER looks like a convertible CR-Z almost. I would rock it all day. Nice post Donald!

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks, man :)

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