• Mine may seem a bit familiar, but here it is anyway…..

    I want 12 disc changers
    11 filly blunts
    10 carot gold
    9 sega tapes
    8 gold teeth
    7 pairs of jeans
    6 pints of beer
    5 fresh gold chay-ee-ainnnnnnns
    4 thirty smokers
    3 pack of draws
    2 girlfriends
    With a cadillac to put it all in!


    • Merry Christmas Donald!

      Here is my real list, 12 Good Friends, 11 New Outfits, 10 Stock Options, 9 New Games (PS3), 8 Million Dollars, 7 Vacations, 6 DVDs, 5 Terabyte Driiiiivess!!, 4 Laptops, 3 New Cars, 2 Mansions, and an Old Skool Arcade PARTY!!!!!!!

      • Donald Ash

        Nice list, little bro!! I’m loving the stock options and 8 million dollars. But I must say I’m REALLY feeling that Old Skool Arcade Party. That would be incredible.

  • Petaris

    Merry Christmas Donald! :)

    And have a Happy New Year! :D

    • Donald Ash

      Thank you so much Petaris. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too :)

  • ^ ^; I can picture you singing this in that santa suit. With a huge gundam behind you with a rudolph nose and a huuuge sack of gifts.

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