• Anthony G

    Lunch day #10 looks delish, Reminds me alot of the usual bento boxes I would buy

    • It was pretty tasty to be honest!! A lot of the food at that school was

  • Aw, Japanese school lunches are soooo good! When I was at school in italy, school lunches were terribile… And here in Japan they also serve NAAN! OMFG, I wish I was still a child just to eat that lunches!!!

    • thejapanguy

      You could dress up in a Japanese kid’s school uniform and just walk in, lol. No, on second thought maybe you shouldn’t do that. They are REALLY tasty. I don’t know if it’s the same from school to school, though.

  • DL

    Fish filet! With tartar sauce! Mmmmm….
    I shouldn’t have read this article right before lunch though, ’cause now I’m VERY hungry…

    • DL

      I forgot to ask: You guys have a 10-day week?

      • Donald Ash

        No, no, sorry about that, I should’ve explained. School is still Monday to Friday, I just took pictures from two random weeks of school lunch.

      • It was Monday through Friday, an occasional Saturday is there was a special event. But I just got pics of two weeks worth of school lunch :D

    • Donald Ash

      Yeah, pics of food do it to me, too. Aw man, I wasn’t trying to torture you before lunch. Stay strong, DL!

  • Nanami

    I enjoy Japanese food alot. The day-tod-day dishes seem to be really good and healthy too. I made gyoza last night from scratch and it turned out yummy. Does that count?? I has pictures..!

    • Donald Ash

      That absolutely counts! Gyoza are sooooooo GOOD!

    • I am a HUUUUUGE gyoza fan. I’m a pretty big fan of Japanese food in general. Great minds think alike? :)

  • AccessJ

    Cool post. It was fun to compare what I ate with another prefecture. :) How deep are those rice dishes? Ours came in a big pot and the kids dished it out. The girls all refused to eat more than four bites, so the boys’ bowls were always LOADED with way too much rice. http://www.accessj.com/2010/10/5-random-school-lunches-from-japan.html

    • Donald Ash

      Niiiicee! I really enjoyed your photos Access J. There are quite a few similarities, huh? The rice dishes? I don’t remember exactly, but I’d say about an inch deep or thereabouts. It wasn’t all the girls at my elementary school, but many of them didn’t eat so much either, especially as you start to go up in grade level. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Soooo very true lol. The girls were a bit more finicky when it was time to eat everything. But the rice dishes were about as deep as the first digit on an adult index finger maybe slightly deeper.

  • Jennifer

    This is amazing! What a great pictorial! Thank you! This is why most children in US are obese and have diabetes. It’s so sad…

    • ugh

      I ate pizza and chicken nuggets and old oranges in school. I was never fat. There is something else wrong with the big picture. Sheesh.

    • I very delayed, but very sincere THANK YOU!!!

  • Helvetica Baskin Robbins

    US: wait 25x as long to get 1/3 the lunch!

    • Hahahaha!

  • Amy

    OH MAN! That was one of my favorite things about teaching in Japan. I loved those school lunches. The students couldn’t believe how deranged I was.

    • Right?!? I was really impressed with the lunches. I thought it was just me

  • Nanami

    @_@ these look so much better than the stuff my school served

    • Really? I wish you had a pic to show. I’m so curious to see what some of the lunches are like at the school sin other parts of Asia. So interesting.

      • Nanami

        I think I DO have a few lying around on a USB somewhere. I’ll check it out later and maybe send you a couple :)

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