Retro Post: The Ultimate Welcome Home Party

Because so many of my posts lately have been more on the serious side, due in large part because of the earthquakes and tsunamis, I decided to post something more uplifting for today. This was a day where I felt like nothing could touch me…no earthquakes, no tsunamis, no radiation scares…just my family, friends, me, some great conversation, and some amazing food!

Sunday March 6th, 2011

The Columbia High School Crew

I’m at home and I just jumped out of the shower and put on some fresh cologne. Why the cologne you ask? Well, a slew of friends are coming over to my Mom’s house for a dinner party. So many people have to work tomorrow but we’re expecting between 15 and 17 people. I am seeing all the things Mom is cooking, and I am always amazed by the things that she can do in the kitchen all by herself (my elder sister is helping a lot, this time though…THANK YOU, NICKY). The foods I’m seeing so far: macaroni and cheese, meatballs, ham, broccoli casserole, yams, baked chicken, dinner rolls, cornbread, and there’s a tasty-looking pound cake over there on the table. “Maybe I can go and steal the first slice before someone sees me. AAAH…somebody beat me to it. Well if somebody else got to taste it, so can I…お-い-し…er…um…DELICIOUS!! I’m still in my underwear…maybe I’d better go an get dressed.

The first guest was my one of my most respected karate teacher and his wife Pamela, right at about 6:00pm. I am so glad they could make it, even with last-minute’s notice. Jerrod, Jaison, Damon, Lamario, Danny & his wife (I’ve know Danny since the fourth grade), Launda and her sister, Cousin Jonna and her husband, there my mom, my brother, and my sister were there. It was the perfect welcome home. I was so happy to eat and fellowship with the people that I know and love. I laughed like I hadn’t in a very long time. There was picture-taking, food, more picture-taking, more food, dessert (Mom added sweet potato pie, carrot cake (one of my absolute favorites), chocolate cake to the mix, too…she cooked her butt off…THANK YOU MOMMY!!) talk of old times, talk of what everyone’s doing right now. It felt so good to be able to talk and have people understand me, get all of my jokes (sometimes, lol)…I missed this. I even missed Jaison’s pitless stomach (sorry Jaison). Jaision has had the same extraordinarily fast metabolism for as long as I can remember…and he’s SO thin…lucky dude :)


Without Mom and Nicky there wouldn't have been a party. I love you guys. Thanks for doing that just for me.

I don’t know if you guys will see this blog post, but I respect and love all of you guys so much! Thank you for coming to see me even though some of you had to work the next day, some had classes, it meant so much. It does my heart proud to see that everyone’s happy and doing well. I look forward to the next time we can all hang out again.

Donald Ash

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