Post Video Update: Coolest Karaoke Room

A few days ago I did a post about the Coolest Karaoke room ever. I wanted to also show some accompanying video footage to go along with it. Even though my film skills probably don’t do the room justice, you can get a pretty good idea of what it was like to be there. The laser lights on the stage’s reflective background was probably my favorite thing about this room. I tried to get some of the singing on film. The names have been changed to protect the innocents, or the guilty (depending on how good the singing is):

Again, if you haven’t had the opportunity to go to karaoke, it’s a great way to socialize, enjoy some good (or bad) music, and just have a good time. For example, if you can even hold a tune, you may be mistaken for a good singer, especially if the karaoke crew that you go with is drunk. I remember singing Stevie Wonder one time, and have these two, “overly-tipsy,” young, Japanese ladies get extremely close to me and tell me how good of a singer I was. I had someone else sit in my lap (also a bit drunk). Unfortunately drunk women aren’t really my thing, but it was pretty funny, though. It was also quite nice to see that people weren’t cringing and covering their ears after hearing the terrors of my singing voice…like they usually do back home (I’m just kidding, that doesn’t happen back home…okay…maybe that one time).

If you’re living in Japan, and you’ve frequented any karaoke establishments, do you have any cool stories to share?

Donald Ash

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