Okay, Who’s the Pervert Working for the Asian Snack Company, Lotte?

Chocolate…one of my many weaknesses as self-professing, sweet tooth. I love all kinds of chocolate, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate to expensive chocolate to the chocolate with the rice crisps inside.

Having lived in Germany for three years, and now Japan for more than three, I realize (and this may just be my opinion) that America may have the some of the poorest quality chocolate in the world. It’s said, but it very well may be true. I have yet to try an American chocolate, or chocolate bar that can even hope to match some of the chocolate I’ve tasted in Germany. French chocolate is mighty good, too. From what I’ve heard, Switzerland and Belgium are the chocolate kings. Judging from samples that I’ve gotten from students who have traveled to those areas…it’s completely true.

How about Japan’s chocolate? Well, I can’t say it’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had, but it is good. Let me rewind a sec. American chocolate is good…I was raised on that stuff, but it’s just based more on sugar than flavor. The major companies that I’ve tried chocolate from are Meiji and Lotte. Lately, I haven’t been eating a whole lot of Japanese chocolate, but there were two chocolate products with weird names, that spurred me to type this post.

I think there’s must be some pervert manager or staff member working for Lotte, here’s why:

Number One: Pop Joy Chocolate Candies
Hmm…sounds a li-ttle strange. You don’t think so? Well it struck me as a little bit weird. So maybe you can get away with that one.

Whenever you feel down, try saying "POP JOY!" You actually feel better. Try it!

Pop Joy, up close and personal.

But how about this?

Explain this one away, Lotte...lol.

Nude Ba...Ball Nude, up close and personal.

Ball Nude? There’s no way around that one! Even the candies themselves look a tad obscene.

It’s the weird things like these that make Japan so much fun. Sigh… But we can’t totally pin this one on Japan. There is a Lotte branch in Japan, but Lotte is a Korean company 🙂 .

Donald Ash

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  • LanceT

    Heh, those funny guys in marketing have no idea how some of this stuff can be interpreted, or maybe they do. ;p

    Think the nude is just to imply “without chocolate coating”, as it looks very much like a nestle crunch ball without a chocolate shell.

    Either way, if it’s good candy it’s good candy. Enjoy! 😀

  • Kurt

    Years ago I brought Crunky back from Korea for the kids. It was just a simple bar then, kind of like Nestles crunch. Still, it was good!

  • Alva

    I had a friend who bought a T-shirt that said “FUCK ME!”. She thought it was cool and was showing it to her friends until I told her what it meant. It’s not just Lotte… I think it is Japan?

  • Mariko

    There are so many nice chocolates in France, but I miss those cute and sometimes unique Japanese chocolates!:) You get different kind of flavours in each seasons and also different places in Japan, like Kit kats. 美味しいですね!

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