Oh Shiznit! The Ultimate How-To Guide Is Going Away??

I’ve got bad news and I’ve got good news. I’m sure you can probably tell from the title of the post what the bad news is. Yes, in the next 72 hours, the Ultimate How-To Guide will be no more 🙁 .

Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s undergoing some minor updates, going from unpaid to paid, and getting a title makeover. I remember when I first started selling the guide, the price was WAY too high, and thus I ended up giving it away for free. I wanted to get an idea of what people thought of it, and the response has been nothing short of amazing! Everyone has had such great things to say! I truly appreciate all of the great feedback.

Wait, please don’t roll your eyes in disgust. Yes it’s going free to being paid. “How much?” you ask. Well, that’s the good news. In order for anyone to be able to afford it, I’ve decided to make it only seven-hundred and ninety-seven dolla…oops forgot my decimal point there. Ahem, I’ve decided to make the guide a whopping $7.971111 cents. I guess if we round to nearest hundreth, that’s $7.97. Why am I charging for the book now? A couple of reasons actually.

1) Taking the Japan Guy to new heights is going to take a bit of funding. So I figure that this is a least a start, no matter how small. The new book is one of three that are available right now in the Japan Guy Store and for those of you who have those snazzy Kindles and Kindle Fire devices, it’s in the Kindle store, too.

2) I was talking so much about starting a store, and I wanted to actually do it…well…this is me taking my first step 😀

The Ultimate How To Guide won’t disappear today, but within the next 72 hours, it will change won’t happen today but it will. So if you wanted a copy of the Ultimate How-To Guide before it’s reincarnated as the $7.97 “How To Live in Japan: The Ultimate Guide” now might be a good time to get your copy while it’s still free!

Donald Ash

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  • Petaris

    Why $7.97? Why not just make it a straight $8.00? Is there a symbolic meaning to that number or something? 😛

  • Donald Ash

    LOL! Good question, Petaris. Here’s why I made it $7.97. Drumroll please…because I’m weird like that.

    No, seriously, I guess I had Walmart on the brain. They always had an atypical number of cents on the end of their prices. So I thought, why not? I also thought since $7.97 is a palindrome that it would trigger some hidden impulse in people’s minds…probably not, though 😀

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