Nikko Picture Post Three

This is the last of the Nikko Picture Posts…well, sort of. I’m sure I will go back again, but these pictures were taken at what I want to say is Rinnouji (輪王寺 or りんのうじ). This temple had a lot fewer people, but was equally interesting. I especially liked the statues of the different guardians. Enjoy!

Nikko was another of Japan’s “power spots,” as Japanese people like to say. There just wasn’t a whole lot not to like about this place. One regret I do have, is that I didn’t have a chance to see the incredible waterfalls that I’ve heard so much about. Ah well, this won’t be my last trip to Nikko, so I’ll see them next time for sure.

Thank you so much for reading, everybody. See you tomorrow!

Donald Ash

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  • ^_^ Such a pretty place Donald-kun! Sugoi!

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