• The hyottoko mask was used in Death Note. It was both creepy and funny. I heard this mask was used at festivals to “make children laugh.”

    • Anthony

      Funny you mentioned that because they used that mask in Samurai Champloo as well. Glad Donald was nice enough to shed some light on it, one of the reasons his blog is awesome.

  • Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt

    This is a popular couple with very long history. You can see them in Kyogen, the funny theatre connected with Noh. Okame is considered the beauty of all beauties. In Heian period this kind of happy plump face was the most beautiful. I also hear she is connected with Ame no Uzume, the Godess of mirth. I have also seen these faces in Korean traditional theatre, but I don´t know the names. Good luck!

  • Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt

    This is a danncefestival with those characters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A07odBLgPvw&feature=related

  • General Elektrik


    This Japanese Mask has two names, Otafuku and Okame.
    Otafuku literally means “Much Good Fortune”, and Okame means “Tortoise”,
    also a lucky symbol for long life. Otafuku represents a lovely, always
    smiling Japanese woman who brings happiness and good fortune to any man
    she marries. She is also known as the Goddess of Mirth.

    • Donald Ash

      I really appreciate that. You just taught me something new today.

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