My Japanese Introduction

I had my interview with Interac yesterday and to be honest I was a bit nervous. It went much better than I expected though. Prior to the interview I was trying to practice saying my Japanese introduction in front of a camera so I would be used to it when the time came. So, this brief post is one of me doing a mock, Japanese intro. I know it’s not perfect, but then again I don’t think these dispatch companies are looking for perfection, just someone that’s outgoing, professional and trainable.

There’s new potential opportunity from a company called Borderlink, and I will send my application off to them as soon as humanly possible. The sooner I can schedule these interviews and find a potential school, the better. I interviewed with Borderlink last year, too (when I was thinking of making the Eikaiwa/ALT switch). Though in the initial process Interac struck me as being a bit more professional, the Borderlink recruiters seemed pretty open, and were quite helpful. This time around, Borderlink is offering some pretty competitive positions and one of them was even for an English-speaking, math teacher (the salary is also higher than my current one). From what I recall the interview process was extremely similar, except I didn’t have to do a teaching demonstration with Borderlink. But, again, that one-minute Japanese intro is crucial. So this is what I practiced the other night:

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