• Beencento

    Dear Mr. Ash,
    Good luck with Heart School.
    I have worked for them for 2 years now, and while it hasn’t been 100% perfect, it has been a great experience overall.
    I read a few negative reviews from several years ago, but at this point, the company has ironed out those wrinkles.
    I gave up a university teaching and government scientist position to get away from my ex wife and moved here to Japan on a whim, but Heart School helped turn it into one of the best decisions I ever made.
    Needless to say, my demographic is a little different from the typical fresh out of college frat boy, and that might be why Heart School was so interested and helpful to me, but you seem like a great guy, and I think this might be a good opportunity for you too.
    I also get to teach guitar and science in my school, I am a member and instructor for several community and prefecture organizations, and I have private tutorial students on the side.
    Life is what you make of it and Heart School gave me a chance to bounce back from some dark times and shine once again, so I think it would be easy for a straight up fellow like yourself to have a great experience with this company.
    Tell them you want to work in Tohoku.
    Ganbare !!

    • Donald Ash

      Beencento, thank you so much for the details about Heart English. You’re timing couldn’t be better. I have been trying to figure out the whole job situation and had been wanting to talk to someone who worked for Heart English. You’re the first person I’ve encountered who works for Heart. I am looking at several different companies and Heart, of course, is one of them. Thank you for your candid critique of Heart English. Even the best of companies won’t be perfect, right? Cool.

      I will keep you posted on how it’s going. I really appreciate you telling me your story. Thank you!

  • ban

    pretty impressive responses.

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