Mt. Tsukuba Plum Blossom Viewing, Umemi

It’s always makes me happy to know that spring is coming. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I recently had a chance to go outside without having to wear a heavy coat, and I was ecstatic. It means that the cold winter chill is starting to break. It means running at night, it means no more cold toes, it means I can turn off that blasted heater and save myself a small fortune in energy costs. Yes folks, spring is on the way!

You know, I feel like I haven’t done a picture post in a long time, and I can’t hold it anymore! Today, I have to make a picture post! It’s just too nice outside not to!

Last weekend I had a chance to go to Mount Tsukuba. For some reason I’m really starting to appreciate how beautiful Mount Tsukuba and the surrounding area really is. Yes, it very well could be the delirium of making that super long bike trek to get there, but I really don’t think so. It’s become one of my favorite places to ride to, sit quietly by myself and watch my ruminations of stress and worry gently drift a way into the mountain breeze. See? I’m delirious right now :D

Every year, there is plum blossom display on the mountain, umemi (うめみ or 梅見), and I have managed to miss it for some reason or another, for four years in a row. The plum blossoms, baika (ばいか,梅花), though not as popular or as striking as Sakura, the cherry blossoms, are quite beautiful in their own right. The plum blossoms are one the first signs of spring here in Japan. Here is look at had the privilege of seeing for the first time in four years:

Thanks for looking! See you tomorrow!

Donald Ash

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  • Mia


  • Some beautiful pictures! The plum blossoms are always a great prelude to the main event of the cherry blossoms :)

  • Petaris

    It looks beautiful! :)

    I wish I could be there for the blooming of the Sakura this year. I was able to see the tale end of it last year and it was nice but a few years ago I hit it dead on and it was amazing! :D

    • Donald Ash

      You gotta come sometime, Petaris! So freakin’ awesome. One of my favorite things about Japan is seeing the cherry blossoms.

  • Ah, the red blossoms are so gorgeous!

    • Donald Ash

      They’re my favorite, too.

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