More Updates Than You Can Shake a Stick At

What does that phrase “more than you can shake a stick at” even mean, anyway? I’ve heard it a few times growing up, but…anyway…good news! I’ve really been filling in some of the gaps here at the Japan Guy. I wanted to make sure I put up old posts that I may have missed, videos and pictures that I was supposed to update and never did, retro posting, as much as I could do to make sure I keep good, fresh content coming here at the Japan Guy. Some of these updates you may have seen already, others you may have not. Please go back and take a look at these posts if you have some spare time:

1. The Inaba Brewery (Video Added)
2. The Irori Cafe (Video Added)
3. Hina Matsuri Festival 2011 (New Post, includes pictures and video! Definitely a fun day :) )
4. Christmas in February (New Post with video)
5. Farewell Week Picture Post (Pictures Added)
6. A Tribute to Foreign Teachers Living and Working In Japan (Pictures Added)
7. What is an アース Cable? (New Post with pictures)
8. My AEON Farewell Speech (Video Added. CLICK THIS ONE IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME SPEAK IN JAPANESE…please keep in mind I had help though :) )
9. My Visit Home: The Mall of Georgia (New Post +Video)
10. The Coolest Karaoke Room Ever (Old Post that I completely overlooked!)
11. Oh Lord, Why Me? My Flight from Narita (Tokyo, Japan) to Hartsfield (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A) (Video Added)
12. My Flight Back to Japan: You’ve Gotta Be Kidding! Another Annoying Child and Another Airsickness Bag!?! (Video Added)
13. Am I Stupid for Having Stayed In Japan After the 2011 Japan Earthquake? (New Post with video. INCLUDES THE FIRST EVER POLL HERE AT THE JAPAN GUY!! Please give it a try :) )
14. No Laundry Rack, No Problem (New Post with video)
15. How to Connect Your Japanese Washing Machine (New Post with video)
16. Who is Tomohiro Kato? (New Post)


Donald Ash

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  • Rita X Stafford

    Awesome posts Donald… very entertaining public service, and definitely a positive contribution to the human race:) Great news!!! Found my friends in Tsukubu. Thanks. Rita

    • Donald Ash

      That’s great news, Rita! I’m truly happy to hear that. Thanks for the feedback, too :)

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