• ^-^ Melon bread.. have you had that yet?

    • Donald Ash

      UMMM…YEAH!!! Melon bread is INCREDIBLY good!! There you go making me hungry again ;)

      • Haha.. Gomenasai. :)

  • Inka

    This cookie is in NO way an original Japanese cookie. It’s such an imitation of Slovenian and German Christmas cookies. Tastes exactly the same (I make those every Christmas for my son as my mum did for me).
    The only difference is the shape. Basically somebody took a European idea and now selling it as something originally Japanese. So usual.

    • Quadraphobia

      A lot of famous Japanese treats are “imports” reinterpreted Japanese style. This is just one of them. I think of the most famous ones is Kasutera, which is sponge cake — Pao de Castille, in Portuguese.

      The Japanese admit all of this outright. They call these “sabure” from the FRENCH “sable’”. They ARE a famous cookie from Kamakura, but they are saying the cookie didn’t originate from there, just became famous for Japanese in Kamakura.

      It’s not like McDonald’s invented the hamburger, either. ;)

    • Ardiansyah

      could you please give recipe how to made the coookies, please…
      I’m Ardi from Indonesia.

      • lol


    • J

      Not just “now” selling is as an original Japanese sweet. These were introduced to Japan in 1887. As with most cultures the food was adopted and made to the tastes of the people.

  • I can make those cookies. My mama knows the owner too. He is her friend. Those are Teacake cookies, people in the south of North America makes them.

  • Ardiansyah

    hello, I’m from Indonesia, can some_one help me to give The Recipe how to made this cookies (butter cookies) “hato sabure”, plese……

    • Donald Ash

      I haven’t been able to locate a hato sabure cookie recipe. I was thinking if the butter cookie recipe was the same and you had the right mold for the dove it would be cool, but those cookies don’t taste like any butter cookies I’ve ever had. I’ll keep checking, Ardi!

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