The Japanese Ryokan Picture Post

I took heaps of photos while I was at the ryokan. I found that I just didn’t have enough card space to get everything I wanted to. I didn’t put all of my photos in the initial post because I thought it would get to be just a bit overwhelming. But her are some of the other photos I shot at the ryokan…some of them just a little random, others a bit silly.

ICHIITEI RYOKAN (Haknone, Japan)



Donald at the Ryokan

Thanks for watching,

Donald Ash

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  • Nanami

    -jaw drops- O_O That is so awesome.

    -puppy eyes- Next time can I come too?

    You look so cool in your yukata! I have one that has swallows, cherry blossoms and I think cranes on it at home. The patterns usually mean something… but I have no clue what they are. I wonder if your pattern meant something!

    I have to admit, your laughing Yipee face brought me a smile that I really needed today. Thank you. ;)

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks, Nanami-chan! Ha ha, I can’t resist the puppy dog eyes. Sure, you can come :) Yeah, I guess I’m just a little bit silly, ne?

  • Tomoko

    Wow!! What a nice ryokan!!
    I love onsen and ryokan(*^o^*)
    It’s a good way to relax and refresh.

    I’ll plan to travel to somewhere.
    California or Thailand or Bali or …☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    • Donald Ash

      I loved it. If I can go again…when I go again, I’ll try to go for longer. I’ve heard Bali is REALLY nice, Tomoko. I want to go there, too.

  • LanceT

    That looks awesome! If only that blinding light was a little closer to you head in that zen state pic, lol. Glad you enjoyed your stay! :D

    • Donald Ash

      Aw, you’re right! I didn’t even catch that one. Thanks Lance-kun!

  • Derrick

    First of all, you are an idiot for the “Bath time! Yipee!” photo. lol! Secondly, you look like a straight Samurai ‘G’ contemplating all out war on a rival clan in the “Zen State Donnie” photo. Good job, sir.

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks, D. I’m just glad it wasn’t you, because I think the pictures would probably twenty times crazier. I really just wish I had one of those to wear around all the time. Go walking around all Samurai Champloo style, it’d be awesome!

  • Really lovely photos man. Especially liked the captions/comments you had for some of the images.

  • Kayla

    It looks like you had a great time! Awesome.

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