Japanese Christmas in February?!?

Ah, February 24th, Christmas Eve, the lights, the santa hats, the gingerbread men. Wait…Christmas isn’t in February? Huh? Well you could’ve fooled me. Here in Japan at the Kenkyu Gakuen station (the one closest to IIAS, the largest mall in Kanto) I guess they don’t know that yet. There are Christmas light that are still up…I’m not joking. You know how sometimes you can put up lights for decoration and get away with it? The lights very well may be Christmas lights but if you arrange them so they don’t look “Christmas” you can get by. Well you can’t get away with it, if there are actual Christmas trees that are still up. Sorry to call you on it Kenkyu Gakuen staff. The decorations look great and all, but they’re just a twinge out of season…like two months out of season. Some of the decorations are cool, and you could literally keep them there year-round. But I really wonder how long the Christmas trees will actually stay up. I was just there the other day and it struck me as a bit strange. Maybe they believe that celebrating Christ’s birthday is something that should be done all year. Yeah, seeing as how Christianity isn’t the major religion here in Japan (what is? I wonder. Maybe Buddhism?), I highly doubt that. Let’s take a look at some cool post-Christmas decor:

Merry February Christmas everybody!! :)

Donald Ash

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