I Miss You Guys!


I didn’t want to go a whole week without talking to everybody. But as you probably guessed, updates are on the way (within the next two days :) ). I’ve really been working on a few things for the site, too. I really hope you enjoy it once it’s done.

See you soon,

Friendly neighborhood ドナルド

P.S.-To those who sent emails recently, I didn’t forget about you either please forgive the late responses. I’ll be getting back to you within the next two days as well. Newsletter members, I’ve been working on a few things for you, too. I’m REALLY excited about some of the upcoming stuff :D

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  • Nanami

    I look forward to the new content ^___^

    • Donald Ash


      • LanceT

        dawwww… We miss you too. :)

        Sorry I haven’t posted much as of late as I’m running behind on your articles. I need to catch up on my email. >_<

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