I know it’s off topic, but I wanted to say something…

I’m sorry this is totally off-topic but I have to do it because I respect this person. I just saw recent pictures of Steve Jobs and as much as I want him to recover, the pictures look extremely grim. I’m not going to post these to my website, but they were pretty shocking. This is the link to what I saw:


I hate to add fuel to the media fire, but I really feel bad for him. He looks so frail.

I mean I knew he was sick before, and I saw him getting progressively thinner. Part of my mind thought he’d leave for a while get treatment and come back stronger than ever. But this time it’s be gotta pretty serious. He seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t stop working for Apple unless his life depended on it. Sadly, in this case, I really think it does.

It was stories like his, that made me believe that whatever you can dream you can do. He is without a doubt one of the most influential business men of our time. I truly don’t know all that much about his successor, Tim Cook, but I can’t imagine the weight that must be on his shoulders. How is he gonna fill Steve Job’s shoes? I don’t think he can do that. He has to do things his way or it’s going to be nearly impossible to step up to the challenge. If Steve Jobs chose him as a successor, I would imagine he must be a talented man in his own right.

When I ride a train here in Japan and see so many people on iPhones, or when I’m playing games like Angry Birds from the iTunes Store, or typing an article on my computer, it’s so amazing to see how far-reaching Jobs and Apple’s influence is. I have never met or worked for Steve Jobs, so I don’t know what his true personality was like, but I DO know that should he pass away, he can pass knowing that he made a tremendous difference in the world. I hope that someday I can do even a thimbleful of what he’s done

Much respect.


Donald Ash

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