• DL

    I am so disappointed Donald, the caption in the last picture NEEDS to be: “GET IN MAH BELLY!”

    • thejapanguy

      You are too funny, dude! :D After meeting the guy, and him being so cool and all, I didn’t have the heart to do it, DL.

  • Michelle

    I just discovered your website! I love the pictures..they are hilarious! But, looks like so much fun!! I have
    been obsessed with Japanese culture for over 20 years! Its my dream to live there one day, but right now
    I have been living in Austria from the states for almost 3 years..but if I can convince my bf to go with me after
    I finish my art school here..(4 years left!) I was considering of trying to live in Japan for 1 year to see if I can
    handle it. My plan is to save money within the 4 years and learn as much Japanese as possible. At the moment
    I know basics and watch lots of Japanese tv variety shows and dramas. I want to expand my knowledge of the language
    because I think its so beautiful. I was wondering if you know anything about taking on a apprenticeship in Japan as an
    Artist? I always wanted to study Japanese pottery techniques also! Thanks in advance..! :)

    • thejapanguy

      Hey Michelle! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, it seriously makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
      Sounds like you’re really interested in coming here. That’s a good thing. The people who want to come to Japan badly enough always do. It’s also cool that you’re picking up so much of the culture overseas.

      An apprenticeship as an artist? Hmm, you’ve got me on that one. I haven’t looked into it so much. But if I’m not mistaken I think I know one teacher who used to work as an anime artist, but I’d have to track him down. That’s a really good question. I wonder what his experiences were like…

  • Fran Ferran

    This looks like a lot of fun and I’m kind of envious right now. Good job for not pounding anyone on your first try..:-)

  • Kristi

    :) I wanted to let you know that I put a link of this article to my website… Check it out if you’d like, or don’t. XD But just wanted to give you a heads up! http://www.mensoregirl.com/what-is-mochi/

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