How Awesome Are My Japanese Students?

So we went to karaoke last two weeks ago because a group of our students decided they wanted to go and hang out. This group of students and all of the teachers are on an email list, and when someone plans something big, they just email everybody. I remember that list being passed around at one of the izakayas we went to. Needless to say, whenever this group of students plans something, it’s always so much fun. Okay, so we went to an izakaya last weekend, just like we usually do, and then it was on to karaoke. But before we started singing, the students told us that they had some special presentations for us. February 11th, 2011 is a national holiday here in Japan, so the three students made presentations for ideas of where all of us could go during this holiday. Usually when I hear about plans like these it’s pretty informal. But in this case, the students really prepared: there were pictures, maps, information, handouts…it was impressive. They wanted us to choose one of three possible options:

OPTION 1: Tokyo Tour- One student presented the idea of taking us to see six sites in Tokyo which include Ueno Park, Yanaka Cemetery, Nezu Shrine, Yanesen, and the University of Tokyo (one of the oldest universities in Japan).

OPTION 2: Ueno Museum- There was a second site that we would visit with the Ueno museum, but I’ve forgotten the itinerary for this particular plan. But I’m into museums, too. All I remember is that idea was equally as appealing as the other two.

OPTION 3: Hina Matsuri in Macabe- Hina Matsuri officially happens on March 3rd, but in Macabe you can capture a glimpse of the Hina Matsuri (Girl’s Day) dolls in late February. In addition, Macabe is traditional town located near Mount Tsukuba, and from what I gather Macabe is a great place to get a glimpse of houses and structures from the Japan days of old.

Presentation Time

It really made the teachers feel special because this group of students had gone out of their way to plan these events, not to mention that all of the ideas were extremely cool. I instantly agreed to go, because the trips seem like something we could do that is out of the ordinary. I personally like the Hina Matsuri option because I know I’ll be visiting my family in the U.S. when the official Hina Matsuri happens on March 3rd. But if everyone votes for a different option, it’s completely okay, because they’re all great ways to spend a day off.

Until next time,

Donald Ash

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