Honda’s Asimo Robot, The Future of Artificial Intelligence

I have a treat for you today!! I know I said I would finish my coverage of the the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, and in a way this is a a part of that. When I went to the Tokyo Motor Show 2012, I got an unexpected surprise at the Honda showcase area. Just after one of Honda’s cool, yet upbeat presentations, I saw a little man, with a funny/cute walk, come to the stage. Upon closer inspection I realized that it wasn’t a man at all but ASIMO, Honda’s (dare I say the world’s?) most advanced humanoid robot. I have seen this robot on television specials in the U.S.. I’ve seen him run, dance, learn, imitate, and do all kinds of cool things. Little did I know that on this particular day, I was going to get to see the the actual robot in the flesh (wait, should I say “in the circuits” for robots?). When I say up close and personal, I mean it. I happened to stand right at center stage, and the majority of Asimo’s speech happened right in front of me. I didn’t do it, but had I wanted to, I could literally reach and touch the robot; he was literally about three feet in front of me. It may seem a little nerdy (can’t deny what I am) but I was SO excited. Asimo gave a presentation about Honda’s latest N-Concept compact cars. The way he was able to navigate the stage autonomously, do sign-language, and engage the audience, made him seem so human. Simply put, I was impressed. This is what I saw:



Seeing Asimo, makes me wonder just how close we are to artificial intelligence becoming standard consumer products. With everything he can do, I bet ASIMO would be incredibly useful around the house, or a great Japanese teacher. Sigh…someday.

What functions do you think artificial intelligence will have in the future. Brownie points to the person who comes up with the most creative idea ;) .

Donald Ash

P.S.-If I fall in love with a robot, does that make me some kind of pervert? Hmm…I wouldn’t say I’m a pervert per se, I just want HONDA to make a female ASIMO for me to have robo-african-american babies with…is that so wrong? Yeah, okay…it is. LOL

P.P.S.-Oh one last random thing. If you’re ever talking about Asimo in Japanese, it’s pronounced like ASHIMO (the whole Japanese phonetics thing). When I was saying ASIMO, people seemed to have a hard time understanding me. Yes, I know that’s what’s written on the robot, but English and Japanese sounds don’t always match up.

See you tomorrow!

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  • kurt

    You answered your own question in the ‘Related Posts’ section….convenience store clerks!

    • Donald Ash

      Nice one, Kurt. You are always thinking on your feet. I gotta watch out for you, LOL! Merry Christmas!

  • See? I’ve always said our robot-over-lords would be Japanese. This is part of why I am learning Japanese!

    • Donald Ash

      Yep, you told me, Nanami-chan, I just didn’t listen. The robot overlords are already here it seems. Oh, Merry Christmas by the way!!

  • Dave Birkhead

    Fall in love? Chiii! :D lol

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