• Nanami

    I’m brave but not that brave! I do want to try jellyfish though. I had a prof. tell me about it and he made it sound very yummy. Considering I have a fascination with blorpies in general.. go figure. (Blorpies are their name because they make the sound “blorp, blorp” as they swim!

    • Donald Ash

      Come to the dark side, Nanami. Eat bees with me…

  • LanceT

    Ugh, that gets my stomach turning just thinking about it. I’ve eaten plenty of crazy sources of food, but I think I’ll leave Hachinoko as a mystery. >_<

  • Petaris

    Very interesting. I’m not sure that I would rush out and buy a can but it might be interesting to try someday. I have seen cans of chocolate covered ants before but have yet to try those either.

    • Are those from Japan or Korea or somewhere else? Choc-covered ants?

  • totally reminds me on BONDAIGI that i ate in korea.

    the smell and the taste. ick.

    i eat just about anything…but bondaegi was pretty dang bad!!!!

    a japanese emoticon would be >_<


    • Donald Ash

      What’s in bondaigi? I haven’t heard of it before.

      • MDS

        silk worms

        • thejapanguy

          Thanks MDS. Every time I think of eating any type of worm, all I can think of is Bear Grylls eating that humongous larva and I just can’t bring myself to do it.

          • Ewww….me either! I’d rather eat a dead baby bee than a live worm!

  • Very interesting and good post, Donnie! Poor baby bees!

  • Fio

    Is it kosher to eat baby bee? Just a question!

  • Alan Dix

    Hey we had baby bees in Japan a couple of weeks ago. But they were fresh not in a tin and accompanied by crickets. Rather tasty we thought. But that was after rather a lot of saki and Japanese whiskey.

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