Fish Out Of Water Guide To Teaching in Japan – Part 2

Greetings, aspiring expats! Have you ever thought about the idea of teaching English in Japan? If so, you’re not alone…TRUST ME! I was in your shoes at one point, and now I’m here! I created a video series to assist and and everyone who’s thinking about coming to teach English here. It’s available on Gumroad as a $25.00, 11-part video series. but I’m going to share five, full videos of it here on for free (here is part two!):


The Fish Out Of Water Video Series is Available on Gumroad for $25.00.

[<---Go back to FOWVS Video 1] | [Go to FOWVS Video 3 —>]


If you’re interested in getting the full video series, it’s $25 over on Gumroad. BUT for those of you who are willing to tell me your biggest challenge/issue about teaching in Japan…there’s a sparkly, shiny, discount coupon (a pretty deep discount) in it for you.

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