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It’s always nice to get out of Tsukuba for a while just to see what I can see. I remember really enjoying my visit to Kamakura back in 2010. Simply put, it was awesome. I remember the sights, the shrines, the Buddha, and one too many servings of matcha ice cream (I freakin’ love that stuff). Despite the trip being so much fun, I had one regret. I didn’t have the chance to stop by Enoshima while I was there. I made a brief excursion to Shonan Beach, but not Enoshima. I heard that it was a pretty nice little island, and I’ve wanted to visit ever since then. Back in August, 2011, I finally got my chance to go with my friend Yukiko. It was even nicer than everybody said it was. Here’s a glimpse of what I saw when I was there:

My Favorite Things About Enoshima

There is so much I could write about Enoshima. For starters, Enoshima had a very laid back, “town by the beach” type feel. Some of the men didn’t worry about putting on shirts and many women walking around in bathing suits and shorts. I’m sure this isn’t the case year-round, but when that Japan summer sun is shining full blast, it’s definitely a good thing.

I guess the beach is a pretty obvious one. I really just enjoy being by the water sometimes, watching people on their ski jets (I’ve always wanted to try one of those), seeing families playing on the shore, and watching the sun shimmer and sparkle off of the ocean waters.

In my opinion the best thing about Enoshima was the views. There were so many landscape pictures I could snap, no editing required, that were simply stunning. I enjoyed the the contrast of Enoshima’s lush greenery and imposing rocky cliffs…it’s like mother nature was painting again.

What I Didn’t Like About Enoshima

I think the only thing I can write here is that the beach, despite how beautiful it was, was a a bit too rocky in parts. It’s definitely not your surfing/snorkeling type of beach, unless you have a thing for jagged rock dodging. All in all though, Enoshima was a joy to visit. I’d go again.

Have you been to Enoshima before? What do you like most about it?

Donald Ash

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