Enoshima, Japan Picture Post Two Iwaya Cave

This is a continuation of yesterday’s Enoshima Picture Post. During my trip Yuks (Yukiko’s nickname…pronounced “Yooks” not “Yuks” she says) and I went on a small cave tour which was pretty interesting. Here are some of the pics from that small excursion.

Inside of the cave there was an interesting legend that told the story of how Enoshima came to be here’s how it read:

“A Heavenly Maiden and A Dragon with Five Heads (The Legend of Enoshima)

Once upon a time, a fearful dragon with five heads lived in a bottomless lake in Fukasawa, Kamakura and tormented the villagers. People were scared and called this land Koshigoe (Ko: child, Shi: death, Goe: over the mountain) as they sacrificed their children to the dragon. One day, thick clouds rose up in the offing, far south of Koshigoe, and a strong earthquake shook the earth for days. When the earthquake stopped, a heavenly maiden appeared. When the clouds cleared, an island appeared at the surface. It is said that this island is Enoshima. The dragon, attracted to the beautiful heavenly maiden, proposed marriage to her, but she didn’t say yes. She wouldn’t accept the proposal until the dragon stopped its evildoing.

It is said that the dragon mended its ways and finally gained her hand.
People say that the heavenly maiden in this lengend is the goddess Benzaiten, who is worshipped on Enoshima Island. The dragon is enshrined at Ryuko-Myojinja (Shrine) in Koshigoe, Kamakura.”

Enoshima Iwaya Cave Pictures

LOL. See you tomorrow.

Donald Ash

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