Earthquake Aftershocks 揺り返し (ゆりかえし)

According to some of my formers students, news reports say that over 1000 people are dead or unaccounted for, the Tsunami in the Aomori/Sendai area, fires, lack of water, numerous aftershocks, and to top things off, a malfunctioning nuclear reactor exploded in Fukushima. What I find the strangest is that the earthquake seems to have caused the least of the damage. It doesn’t seem like falling buildings and bridges were the problem. I think the tsunami was responsible for so much of the damage and lost lives.

When the earthquake happened here in Tsukuba, the buildings held up very well, and in Tokyo it seemed to be very much the same. My friend Kana, said she was on the 16th floor of her office building, and everything was okay (she was really shaken up, and understandably so). I think Japan has the earthquake-proof building thing down pat, but then again I guess you have to considering that Japan is located in an earthquake red zone.

One of the most striking things for me, has been the sheer number of aftershocks we’ve felt here in Tsukuba. The night of the quake (the quake happened earlier that day around 2:45pm), there were at least ten aftershocks, I stopped counting after that. and they have continued to put everyone on edge. Although I know there is nothing we can do, I kind of wish there was a person that was responsible for it, because I’d kick him square in the crack (sorry, just being honest). But, alas, there is no person to be held accountable, we just have to take this for what it is.

Be safe,

Donald Ash

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