• Ivy

    Thanks for the video, it really gave me lots of insight to the expat life in Japan.

    You in the bathtub was really hilarious! :)

    For some reason I really love your apartment – its really cute, and very intimate. Having a little space of your own where you don’t get too much space but too little – it somehow makes the place much nicer to live in, much more personal.

    Makes me wish I were in Japan, I’d miss lots of things I’m used to back home but the experience of Japan would be something I have a feeling I’ll probably never forget! :)

  • Lala

    Thank you for all the info and the videos! They were very comprehensive and fun to watch!

    I also have to say… I love how reasonable you are! You are so right about the size of the apartment being managable and I think it is great that you have found some solutions that suit your lifestyle. (Then again, I am saying this having just graduated from university dorms…)

    Actually, I will be teaching with the same company as you starting in a few months. However, I will be in Tokyo so I can expect an even smaller place! Thank you for giving me an idea of what to look forward to!

    By the way, is it really common not to have aircon already there?

    • Donald Ash

      Hi Lala! Thank you so much for stopping by to posting and for leaving some great feedback. Yeah, the Tokyo apartments are going to be a bit smaller, but you never know. You may be able to spot a good deal or something where it all works out, where you get the location and the space you want. As far as aircon goes, it’s been in the apartments I’ve lived in and even at my school. But it’s not everywhere in the school, only the English room (score for me) and the teacher’s lounge. From what I hear, though, most schools don’t have AC in the vast majority of classrooms.

  • Kayla

    If I wanted to move to Japan to actually live and work there, besides having a passport and a green card, is there anything else I need? Or is it not possible to live and work there, unless I take a teaching job, or something similar to that.

  • Southernjoe

    Funny and informative video. I thought it was very well done. I look at my current apartment in the U.S. and think it’s not so small, now that I’ve seen the Japanese equivalent. Good Job!

  • Where Next Japan

    Great article – I think this is a subject that a lot of people interested in living and working in Japan should know about. We made a video about Japanese apartments too, vaguely in the style of MTV’s Cribz, going around and interviewing different teachers about their apartments and what advice they had for those soon to come. Please check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwZwg0P0Axg

  • woodrose

    Thank you! I enjoyed watching the video. It’s so nice of you to share your apartment with curious people.
    One thing I noticed, your stove doesn’t have an oven underneath it. I had heard before that ovens are unknown in Japan.
    Fun video.

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