A Different Perspective on Life in Japan
featuring Illya Anderson

Illya is a fitness fanatic if I've ever seen one.  I'm about 98% certain that I can't do this, lol.

  Hi everybody, we have a special guest by the name of Illya Anderson. I met Illya very early on during my stay in Japan. My sister, Erica, introduced me to Illya via email, and said that he'd be a cool guy to talk to if I had Japan questions. She was right. Illya is really knowledgeable about what life is like as a foreigner in Japan, and consider him a good friend. I wanted to interview Illya because his path is a little different than the teacher route that many foreigners opt to Continue Reading …

A Japan Guy Interview:
“Developing Your Talents While Living Abroad”-featuring Robb Johnston

Robby and I at the Daibutsu in Ushiku City, Japan

Today's interview is one that I recorded a while back, but really struggled to get the sound right. So I apologize in advance for any sound issues. I interviewed Robb Johnston of Rockford, Michigan. Robby was a former AEON teacher and co-worker and literally one of the first friends I made when coming to Japan. During my early times in Japan, Robb showed me the ropes: from learning to use my Japanese Rice cooker to drilling me on hiragana and katakana, to being a big part of my Continue Reading …

A Japan Guy Interview: “Life in Japan” Featuring Tony Du (Part 3)


Here is the third and final part of my interview with Tony Du. With any of these videos if you have questions for Tony please feel free to leave them in the comments section of either post. ENJOY! Continue Reading …

A Japan Guy Interview: “Life in Japan” featuring Tony Du (Parts 1 & 2)


I had another opportunity to interview another expat that I know and respect, Tony Du. Tony has been an expat in Japan for more than five years now and I figure what better way to get another view on life in Japan than by asking someone who's been here longer than I have. I think it's also interesting to hear what Tony says about being an Asian-American in Japan. Tony was at one time an AEON teacher as well, working in Tsukuba just like me. He has a lot of experiences to share, and I hope Continue Reading …

A Japan Guy Interview: Life in Japan, featuring Gareth Jones


I did an interview with my good friend Gareth Jones a little while back to get someone another take on what life in Japan is like. Because he's been in Japan for nearly the exact same amount of time as I have, and because I worked with him for nearly three years, I figured Gareth would be a perfect person to share his thoughts and ideas with you. As much as I love writing and posting everyday, it's good to hear another side from time to time. I hope to do more of these interviews to make Continue Reading …