• Q

    i never noticed they had codes?? we usually use 単1〜単4for sizes.

  • Q

    i think 単4is same as AAA

    • Donald Ash

      Umm…that helps…ALOT!! Thanks Q! Where were you a couple of days ago, lol! I could have used that info. That makes life easier :)

      • Q

        no worries, mate!

  • Marisa

    I think you know who Q is… :)

    • Donald Ash

      LOL, I have a strange feeling that I may know this mystery person.

  • Matt W

    I bought some Sanyo Eneloop rechargable size D’s for a radio project back in the US. (Which are not sold outside of Japan in C or D sizes) I think they came out to ~2900 yen each, Compared to normal 300 yen for the AA size.

    After the sticker shock, (And these particular batteries being one of the primary reasons for the trip) I bought four.

    Really the best batteries EVER!

  • jo

    Thanks! Your article was helpful. ^^

  • Great bit of info I can use when I travel to Oska this fall!

  • David Piquett

    Honestly there made in Japan ………………….End of discussion

  • Chris

    I will be going to Japan in April (until June for study abroad) and I will be bringing my laptop. But my laptop mouse is wireless and uses a AA battery. I’m nervous about taking batteries on the plane but will my cordless mouse still be able to work with Japanese batteries? I just really hate using the touch thing laptops always have.

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