Fish Out Of Water Guide To Teaching in Japan – Part 2

Thinking of Teaching in Japan? This video course was made just for you!


 Welcome to the first topic in our Fish Out Of Water Video Series In today’s topic we’re gonna discuss the different types of teaching that you can do here in Japan. There’s no way I can claim to have done all styles of teaching in Japan because I know every job is going to be just a little different, right? Every company is a little different. But I have done several different styles of teaching, several very common styles of teaching, that you’ll see Continue Reading …

Fish Out Of Water Guide To Teaching in Japan – Part 1

Thinking of Teaching in Japan? This video course was made just for you!

  Hello and welcome everybody, this is Donnie and this is the Fish Out of Water Video Series
and in this series we’re gonna discuss everything you need to know…well…the most important stuff you need to know, about teaching Japan. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Donald Ash and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States (WOOT WOOT! ATL). I have been living here in Japan as an expat: VOCAB FREEZE "Expat - a person who lives outside of their native Continue Reading …

Did Japan Kill the American Arcade?

How Japan Killed the American Arcade Article

I don't know how it was in your state, but in Jawja (Georgia) back in the early 90's EVERY major mall had an arcade? You’d walk in on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon and see gamers of all kinds! There were the little, quiet, nerdy assasins (who'd beat you without saying a word). There were the thug gamers who would talk trash as they beat you senseless...virtually, but could probably kick your ass in real life, too (...gulp). There were the ladies, who I always found kinda hot for some Continue Reading …

Level Up Your Japanese with JapanesePod101?

Beginning Japanese Students JapanesePod101 Review

Hey gang! Before we get started with this review, I want to let you know that I am an affiliate for this program and if you decide purchase Japanesepod through any of the links on this page, I do earn a commission for it. I didn't want to trick anybody into buying anything. However, I do also want to let you know that I would NEVER recommend anything that I haven't tried myself. That would be some shady arse shite. Japanesepod101 has been and continues to be an effective study tool for me. Yep, Continue Reading …

Sony PS Vita Commercial featuring Donald Ash

PS Vita Commercial featuring The Japan Guy

Being doing a bit of winter blog cleaning, and I've been looking through a slew of old posts finding so many links the weren't working anymore and going back to fix them. I noticed that alot of the commercial stuff I had done had been pulled from the YouTube accounts of the companies that I had done them for. Thank goodness I try to keep backups of almost all the work I do. I came across a number of pieces of extra work, etc. that I had totally forgotten about!   This was filmed in Continue Reading …