A Sincere Thank You for Your Patience

Last week was a tough one. And guess what? This week is even busier! But because I took some time last week to prepare for things at work this week, had some friends help me with applications, apartment hunting, etc., this week will be much smoother (regardless of how busy it is). Unfortunately I had to take a blogging break because there were so many things to take care of.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for going back and reading some of the old articles, leaving your feedback, and even asking me your questions during my hiatus. I did do a bit of writing, audio, and video while taking care of some the job & moving details. As a result there have been a few updates to some of the previous articles, as well as some new additions:

So What’s New at the Japan Guy?

-How to Use a Japanese ATM (The Basics): Part 2 ( I added the final video in the series: “Updating Your Passbook.”)
-100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know (Part 1), 100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know (Part 2), 100 Japanese Verbs You Should Know (Part 3)
I added audio, as well as the Romaji forms of the verbs)
-Japanese Food: What is Nikujaga? (New article and video)
-My Japanese Style Thanksgiving (Article and video): Ready to Go, Posting on Thanksgiving Day.
-JAPANESE FOOD: The Joys of Tofu: Being Tasteless Has Never Been So Tasty (New article and video)

Please take a look :)

I’m going to some more retro-updates later this week. I’ll keep you posted on other changes to the Japan Guy blog (good changes of course).

Until next time,

Donald Ash

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